The perfect blend of Tabletop RPG and Drinking Game


Trilogy Edition Prototype Picture

The goal of Trilogy Edition is to bring all three games together seamlessly in one package and make all kinds of improvements like:

  • Full Colour Cards
  • An Improved D4, D6, D8 System (Instead of 3D6) This adds complexity to the game without adding a single new rule.
  • Bigger Cards while still staying a good size to bring to the pub
  • An epic looking box that looks great on store shelves
  • Nearly 4 games worth of content for the price of 2
  • 3 brand new Quests: "Sober Origins", "Grogderp's Dungeon" and "Kega Man 2"
    • How does a "Drinking RPG" work?

      Like a typical Role Playing Game you have a character sheet, roll for saving throws, fight monsters and find treasure BUT when your character dies in the game you have to chug your drink in real life! It adds a real level of tension and excitement to the battles. Everything matters.

      The battles are a series of one-on-one fights to the death. You either kill the monster earning coins and XP or your character dies and you must chug your drink! The cards act as the GM (So everyone can drink) and the heroes go through four themed quests in each game - each getting progressively difficult and more likely to drink. However as this is a light RPG and a light Drinking Game there is a one chug per quest maximum which prevents Drinking Quest from being a "Pass out in 10 minutes" kind of drinking game. Over the course of 2 or 3 hours, a typical game averages 2 or 3 chugs.

      All three Drinking Quest games are full games and not expansions. You don't need one to play the other and you can start with any game. However they all exist in the same "Drunken Middle Earth" so there is a lot of fun story telling and humour that comes from that. The humour ranges in style from dark, clever, meta, obvious and profound. There are a lot of layers of humour here that will keep the game funny through multiple playthroughs.

      Whoever gets the most XP wins! Whoever loses had to chug the most so it's sort of like everybody wins.

      Please Quest Responsibly!

      Here is a quick rundown of what you can expect from each of the three games:

      Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG (2011)

      It's a Drinking Game and a Table Top RPG! Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG is the first chapter in the Drinking Quest series. You'll recognize many RPG staples like dice, character sheets and saving throws but there are new stakes to this adventure: having to chug your drink in real life! Game night just gained a level. This game is currently OUT OF PRINT but you don't need it to play any of the other games.

      Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG features these four quests:

      Lolevel Forest: A forest full of low level goblins that seem to be in every game. Good for EASY EXPERIENCE POINTS!

      Mount Icefist: The snow level features colder beer, more fearsome foes and the introduction of yeti eggs to the DQniverse.

      Booze Cruise: Pirates! Grog! Throwing up over the side of the ship! All that and a traveling gambler named Chad.

      Zombie Attack: Your home town of Tippler's Hollow has been taken over by zombies! Fight a horde of zombified creatures that you fought in the earlier quests! Spoiler Alert: Chad comes back as a zombie.

      Drinking Quest 2 (2012)

      Drinking Quest 2: Yeddy Vedder's Yeti Adventure carries over the inebriated adventuring, pop culture references and bizarre continuity from Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG. While still existing in the "DQniverse" this is a complete stand alone game and not an expansion pack.

      Drinking Quest 2: Yeddy Vedder’s Yeti Adventure features these four quests:

      Den of the Cat People: Are they cats? Are they people? Are they both? Why do some of them wear business suits? This quest has lots of cat puns and satire about consumerist culture!

      City of Cheer: The City of Cheer used to be really lively and upbeat but in recent years a wave of DEPRESSION has washed over the city. This quest is sure to cheer you up if you're feeling blue. Plus it has the son of the guy named Chad from the first game.

      Leprechaun Party: They're tiny! They're green! They drink like ogres ten times their size! Get out your Pepper Spray Wand to handle the rioting leprechaun hordes!

      Minotaur's Maze Tavern: This quest is kind of menacing but honestly they haven't even put up all the dry-wall in the maze yet... moments of TERROR mixed with uncomfortable reminders of how boring your day to day life is. Also with an end boss that has a PERSONAL CONNECTION to one of the main characters.

      Drinking Quest 3 (2013)

      Drinking Quest 3: Nectar of the Gods is the final entry in the Drinking Quest trilogy. Chuglox returns and teams up with 3 Gods taking on the biggest monsters and most uncomfortable saving throw situations yet!

      Drinking Quest 3: Nectar of the Gods features these four quests:

      Hilevel Forest: Now that you're super powerful and are questing with 3 Gods, you're not going to start with weak low level goblins. These are the toughest goblins yet, they work out all the time and know how buff they are. It's dangerous to go alone, drink this.

      Hordor - Land of the Hoarding Dragons: One does not simply walk into Hordor... because there are a lot of useless objects blocking the way. Nobody told these dragons that they should be hoarding valuable treasure instead of this useless junk. Oh is that a yard sale?

      Bosses Clubhouse: What luck! All of the toughest bosses hanging out in one place! It's time to save the DQniverse from a Beer-Holder, An Overly Attached Cyclops and Trent, the Bro Hive Mind.

      Absolute Power is Awesome: This quest is interesting because you've just killed all of the serious threats to the DQniverse. You've already won. How will the heroes live out their days? Will they use their power responsibly or will you find creative ways to torment the wait staff because you're bored? The series does have an ending and the card is in this quest. Too bad you won't remember it the next morning.


      FAQ, With Drinking Quest architect Jason Anarchy

      Is there a story behind the game? Something that inspired you?
      I am a huge fan of gaming and pop culture who thinks drinking and gaming with your friends is the formula for a perfect evening.

      Why aren't you on Board Game Geek?
      We're on the RPG GEEK side of the site. Feel free to post nice things!

      Is Drinking Quest like Munchkin?
      It's more like a stripped down Dungeons and Dragons with drinking mechanics.

      There are other games that copied your idea...
      We get this a lot, we're supportive of other games in the scene. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We're the first, the funniest and the most punk rock.

      So it's a card game?
      I wouldn't say it's a pure card game but a card based RPG. The cards don’t interact with each other but they're a tool to dictate the story so you don’t need a GM. You also get a pad of character sheets to keep track of Hit Points, Coins, Experience Points, Chugs, etc. Plus you get three multi-sided dice. Also there are no duplicate cards. Every card has original artwork and story telling. There are over 220 original pieces of art!

      Do you ship to my country?
      Yes we ship Globally. Free Shipping in the US and Canada and $7 extra to ship anywhere else in the world.

      How much drinking is involved?
      As far as drinking games go it's pretty light, it averages 2 to 4 chugs over 2 or 3 hours. It's a light drinking game and a light tabletop RPG. There are also non-drinking rules so nobody feels left out. It's easy to adjust more or less drinking depending on personal tolerance.

      How old do you have to be to play Drinking Quest?
      If you want to play it while drinking then you should be legal drinking age. The humour is probably PG-13, it's suggestive but not raunchy. It also works well as a parody of drinking and RPG culture so drinking isn’t 100% necessary.

      How long does shipping take?
      USA and Canada take 1 - 3 weeks. For the rest of the globe it could range from 2 - 8 weeks.

      I would like the creator of the game to write as a guest for my online comic / sing a verse on my punk album / collaborate on some other comedy project.
      I'm always excited to get these kinds of e-mails. I'll be having a pretty full plate with several projects on the horizon but send me an e-mail and maybe we can work something out!